About us
Being one of the leading suppliers of licensed home textile and apparel products to all key retailers, it is our mission to bring leading brands and fashionable collections of licensed home textile and apparel products to all homes in Europe. With headquarter in Vejle, Denmark and offices in Germany and UK we employ over 40 people.

Social media, movies, TV, sports, music and many other factors influence the dreams of all children, youth and adults. It is our clear ambition to make dreams come through and make our products available to all consumers around Europe. Our team continues to develop innovative and creative designs following the newest trends.

We work with all major entertainment and brand companies in the world such as Universal, Disney, Warner Bros., Bravado, Emoji, Nike, Adidas, Hasbro, Mattel, and many more.
Company history
SkyBrands A/S was founded in 2008 by Mr. Jan Kølbek and is today one of the leading European providers of branded home textiles and apparel. The immediate success leads back to the experience and knowledge of Mr. Jan Kølbek and his staff. That experience and expertise comes from Duotex, which he sold to an equity fund in 2007 after building it from scratch in year 2000.

Mr. Kristian Mouritzen joined the company as a partner in December 2011. Coming from KE Leisure where he very successfully was the Managing Director for more than 9 years.

In September 2012 SkyBrands A/S launched an apparel department together with highly experienced staff. Already after just one year in the market – this department showed outstanding performance towards production, quality and distribution and made SkyBrands A/S the number one choice for retailers in the Nordic countries.

In October 2012 SkyBrands A/S opened a joint venture company in UK named Dreamtex Ltd.
Dreamtex is today one of the leading suppliers to all major UK retailers on branded home textiles.

To further strengthen SkyBrands A/S both financially and towards all our partners, Jan and Kristian decided to join forces with the private equity fund Catacap, who acquired 60% of SkyBrands A/S in June 2015.

As part of SkyBrands A/S future strategy, to strengthen its distribution setup across Europe, SkyBrands GmbH was opened on December 1st 2015. Managing Director is Mr. Maarten de Baat Doelman who formerly was the Managing Director at VanDillen Asiatex GmbH. He has more than 20 years of experience within the home textile and license business.

Kristian Mouritzen is new CEO in SkyBrands A/S. Kristian will continue the company’s focus on product innovation together with customers and suppliers, and the strengthening of the distribution setup across Europe. Founder and former CEO Jan Kølbek continues to be a shareholder of SkyBrands A/S.

Annual report 2016